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Rules on the track


1. Wear comfortable shoes
2. Take an elastic band for hair (if the hair is longer than the shoulders).
3. Put ALL things out of your pockets, especially if the pockets do not close.
4. Before ride, call and check if the track is free. Especially on weekends.
5. Come in a good mood))

1. Persons over 16 years old and over 145cm tall are allowed to check-in. Persons under 16 years old are allowed to check-in only with the permission of their parents or guardians.
2. Children growth 135-145cm go to children’s karts. Over 145cm – for adults.
3. Children from 4 years old are allowed on the track ONLY in the presence of a coach.
4. The following are not allowed in the race: people intoxicated, pregnant and in the presence of contraindications for doctors.
5. The administration reserves the right to refuse to enter without explanation.
6. On the track is strictly prohibited smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.
7. Access to the track only with the permission of the administration. Persons not participating in the race are not allowed on the track.
8. Before starting the race, make sure that you have empty pockets, there is no scarf, your hair is tucked under the helmet, the helmet is tight, the jumpsuit (if any) is fastened.

To participate in the race, you must:
1. Fill-in the application form of the participant of arrival.
2. Pay for a ride and take a card.
3. Pick up uniforms (helmet, jumpsuit (optional), protection)
4. Listen carefully to the safety briefing.